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Boasting twenty years of experience, I.G. Events creates unique and unforgettable moments. We are experts in events and tourism: we provide you with meaningful moments through various activities, destination management, digital and social media marketing. From product destination development to strategic marketing planning, from marketing strategies to online communication: our team will support you in the implementation and execution of concrete actions tailored to ensure the success of your business, product or tourist destination in the national and international market.

Why choose us

We respect the diversity of all our customers; the standards we comply with are clear-cut: we don’t compromise on quality, and we always choose the most appropriate approach for any business operation. Sustainability is our trademark. We pride ourselves on organising zero-impact events which demonstrate our respect for society and the environment around us; this is the greatest gift we can give to our planet, our customers and the future of our world.

What the word event means to us

An experience that is not easily forgotten, where you don’t need to think about anything: all you need to do is simply be there.

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What we do

Trade Representatives

We can provide you with the support needed to promote your local area on the Italian market, be it an entire Country or a specific geographical area. We showcase typical local products, recreating sounds, colours and atmospheres in special events as faithfully as possible, so as to elicit emotions and capture the attention of possible travellers.

Territorial marketing

We have a jewel in our hands: this jewel being a local area (whether this is a town, a big city full of art, a small village in the mountains, ...) which is a unique and precious resource. Our passion is to help Public Bodies in the promotion of their unique and distinctive jewel, thanks to strategic planning of communication campaigns which, in turn, are accompanied by specific events.

Events and road-shows

We look for the best contexts and locations according to your specific wishes and needs. We are committed to crafting the event based on the ideas proposed by the customer, all whilst contributing our own experience and creativity. For us, details are important, so nothing is left to chance.

Communication, PR and social media

We have developed a sound network of contacts with journalists, igers, food bloggers and travel bloggers. This enables our events and territorial marketing projects to be extensively publicised and promoted. The use of social media is essential, not only in the promotion of events, but also in the optimisation of territorial marketing strategies.

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